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A view of the mosaic in the courtyard (posted with the permission of the Israel Antiquities Authority)
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Friends Of The Academy 
Support the Friends of the Academy 

With the launching of its new website in July 2010, the Academy hopes to heighten public awareness of its multibranched activity and that this renewed acquaintance with the Academy will foster broad public support for the Academy and its goals.

We invite you to join the Friends of the Academy. Your symbolic payment will make a significant contribution to the implementation of the Academy’s strategic plan.

Joining the Friends will assist the Academy to

§ continue to fulfill its role in the study and development of Hebrew

§ strengthen the status of Hebrew in the state of Israel and promote a Hebrew-language and literature-focused cultural agenda

§ assist the building of a new plant in Kiryat Ha-Leom, which will also house a museum devoted to the history of Hebrew and a conference and learning center

§ make its treasures available to the public online

§ found a website dedicated to the revival of spoken Hebrew in the past 120 years and preserve the memory of its movers

Join us:
picture Hagar Ben-Zion
Tel: 972-2-6493581
Fax: 972-2-6493562


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