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Young Ben-Yehuda
Ben-Yehuda and Hebrew Journalism
Ben-Yehuda and the Language Committee
Innovations in Hebrew and the Dictionary
Eliezar Ben-Yehuda Memorial

Eliezer Ben-Yehuda (1858-1922) was a pioneer in the revival of spoken Hebrew who made his ideology approachable to the common man through the popular media of his time, newspapers. At the same time he helped found the Language Committee and composed the largest and most comprehensive Hebrew dictionary of his era, which aimed to record the Hebrew vocabulary from all periods (The Complete Dictionary of Ancient and Modern Hebrew, 1908-1959). Ben-Yehuda’s work is continued in spirit at the Academy of the Hebrew Language in the Historical Dictionary Project.

 "The day is short and there is much work"  Decorative arm rest from Ben-Yehuda's chair  Statue: A cast of Ben-Yehuda's hand
 The Eliezar Ben-Yehuda Memorial  Oil painting of Ben-Yehuda by Ben-Baruch  Couch
 Eliezar Ben-Yehuda's library  Chair  The Ben-Yehuda Room


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